Mission & Vision


Black Rock Elementary inspires caring, collaborative, innovative thinkers to achieve academic excellence while contributing to the global community.



  • We promote an environment of trust by sharing our needs and celebrating our gifts, talents, and abilities, while keeping respect and empathy at the core of our daily interactions.
  • We preserve a safe school environment for students, staff and parents by building character and embracing diversity.


  • Students, staff and parents work as a team by respecting, appreciating, and celebrating the differences and unique qualities of others.
  • Parents actively participate in their child’s education by giving time and attention to support their child at home and at school.


  • We welcome new technological innovations and effectively prepare our students for the increasingly changing demands of the 21st Century.

Academic Excellence

  • We provide engaging and challenging curriculum where all students are actively involved in their learning and motivated to do their best.
  • All students take responsibility to maximize their academic growth as teachers facilitate effective instruction.
  • Our school is a place where everyone is learning and practicing a second language.

Global Community

  • Our school community works together to participate in local, national and global service activities, motivated by a belief that all people can contribute to the global community.